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16-18 Testimonials

“The tutors and staff at Springboard have been great! I settled in really well and became more confident. We have had lots of work experience in the local area and I have been challenged to come out of my comfort zone.” – Beth Robinson (18)

“I’m currently doing a Level 1 Construction Multi-Skills qualification with Springboard in Sunderland. My tutors are very helpful and knowledgeable on the subject. I have made loads of new friends and now know what I want to do as a career in the future.” – Megan Hipkin (18)

“I have been with Springboard since May and am really enjoying my time on the Study Programme. The staff are really helpful, you can speak to them about any problems and they listen and help you. I like Springboard because you are treated with respect and like an adult.” – Aaron Potts (16)

“Springboard is a good environment to be in, I like being here because my confidence has increased. I have made lots of new friends and help people settle in when they start.” – Jenny-Leigh Smith (17)

“I think Springboard has helped me because we are able to work in smaller groups and get the support from the tutor when I need it. I would definitely recommend Springboard to my friends.” Shannon Galloway (17)

“I love how approachable the tutors are and I get the 1 to 1 support I need. They always have time for me.” Ryan Wildberg (18)

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