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Our Property Apprenticeship routeways are ideal for those individuals wanting to start out in a career in property or estate agents. These apprenticeships are ideal for staff working in a support role within property sales and letting management, and they are also ideal for any staff who wish to upskill. We also offer sales and letting qualifications for those who want a career as an estate agent. All of our property qualifications are delivered by the awarding body CIH (Chartered Institute of Housing)

Junior Estate Agent Apprenticeship

Our Junior Estate Agent Apprenticeship covers working in different areas of an estate agents completing tasks such as arranging viewings and accompanying colleagues on site visits to various properties. This is a customer facing apprenticeship with responsibility for providing the administrative support needed to secure successful property sales. This apprenticeship is varied and typical roles will include: data registration, arranging and booking viewings, accompanying colleagues on site visits, selling additional services, collecting keys and more.

Housing/Property Management Apprenticeship

Our Housing and Property Management Apprenticeship route is about creating and sustaining successful tenancies in the private and social rented housing sectors. This apprenticeship is customer facing and ensures all apprenticeships are able to comply with contractual, statutory and legal regulations and approved Codes of Practice. This apprenticeship prepares an individual for a range of general housing/property management duties leading to operational or specialist roles.

Housing/Property Management Assistant Apprenticeship

Our Housing and Property Management Assistant apprenticeships is an entry level qualification, designed for those starting out in their career. This apprenticeship is customer facing and the apprentice will be primarily responsible for the administrative work needed to support the creation and sustainment of successful tenancies and leaseholds in both social and private housing sectors. This apprenticeship is varied and includes duties such as preparing paperwork, supporting consultations and undertaking customer surveys, data administration, conducting supervised viewings and rental negotiations, handling telephone calls and more. 

How to Apply

You can register interest for this course online by clicking here, call 0300 003 7073 or email

Careers you could move into:

Our Property apprenticeships are for those who are looking to progress in their sales and letting careers, or for those who are starting out and looking to start a career in estate agents.

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