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Springboard’s construction learners are to work in partnership with Farrans Construction to create new viewing seat for the new Northern Spire Bridge situated at Pallion.

Throughout the year Springboard have had meetings with Sunderland City Providers Network, and it has been agreed that Springboard would create a new seating and viewing area to be situated on the North side of the bridge.

Last week, our construction learners went down to the bridge, with site manager Ryan Rogan, to discuss plans and view the area. Our learners also had the opportunity to drive over the bridge, making them some of the first ever people to cross the bridge, after the Royals of course!

Springboard’s Graphic Design learners in Upstream have drew up the design on CAD, whilst Construction have made a mock-up of the seating area, ahead of its build. Sean, Project Manager, will be sourcing the materials and overseeing the build of the seating area, whilst Lisa and Kevin our Construction tutors along with a handful of our learners, will construct the seat.

Bridge Mock upBridge Mock up

The seat designs are now currently with the Local Authority awaiting approval, and once approved the building of the seating area will begin, before Springboard transport it to it’s final home on the North side of the bridge next to DW Gym.

It’s anticipated that the seat will be at least 8 foot wide, with construction kicking off next week!

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