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Financial Support

If you’re studying at Springboard you may be eligible for an attendance allowance and a bursary.



Weekly Attendance Allowance

All learners on a Study Programme are entitled to claim a weekly attendance allowance, currently £4 per day. *if you are in receipt of JSA or Universal Credit, please check with your advisor as you might not be entitled to the attendance allowance but entitled to the bursary.

We also offer additional financial support through our Bursary applications. Bursary application forms will be issued by staff once a confirmed start date has been given.


Discretionary Bursary

The Discretionary Bursary is available to learners whose household income is less than £50,000. This Bursary is to cover travel costs and free meals.

Vulnerable Bursary

The Vulnerable Bursary is available to learners who meet certain criteria. The criteria includes those in receipt of income support and live independently or have a child, those in care or care leavers, or those in receipt of ESA and PIP/DLA. Please discuss with staff if you think you may be eligible for the Vulnerable Bursary.

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