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Apprenticeship Testimonials

Garry Lowes – Cash Converters

“We have used Springboard to provide apprentices for our business for almost 10 years now. They have always offered a professional, reliable service from sourcing applicants for Apprenticeships, to helping our learners gain self confidence and new skills whilst working with us.”

Abbie Heron – Advanced Garage & MOT Centre Ltd

“From starting off being a shy and anxious person Springboard helped me grow in confidence by giving me a placement to volunteer in for several months, they then helped me get an apprenticeship in Business Administration. My assessor, Andrea, has been a great help to me over the past 3 years helping me in areas in which I struggled the most, for example Maths. I have now completed an Advanced Apprenticeship and have a level 3 Diploma in Business Administration and level 2 in Maths and ICT. The support from my tutor and Springboard has given me the confidence to continue on with my Level 2 AAT Accountancy qualification. If it wasn’t for Springboard I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Josie Barber – View Logistics

“I started with Springboard back in 2012 when starting my apprenticeship at View logistics Business level 2 , since then I have done multiple NVQ’s/Diplomas with Andrea Whincop who has helped me throughout all and has always been there to help. I still currently work with View logistics 2017 and I feel Springboard have been a big part of me getting where I am in the company now. These qualifications and seeing Andrea every 2 weeks has made me much more confident. I am so grateful that I am able to gain more qualifications each year and feel I always have the help needed. I would definitely recommend Springboard and I look forward to working with Andrea more.”

Amie Hollinshead – View Logistics

“I started my apprenticeship at View Logistics through Springboard Training Providers back in 2013 when I was 16. I am still at View Logistics now 2017 and have worked my way up to a Team Leader position through gaining various qualifications through Springboard Training Providers. I could not thank Springboard enough, especially my trainer Andrea Whincop who has supported me throughout all of my NVQ’S/Diplomas even dealing with my rants when I feel like giving up! I am so grateful to have the opportunity to gain new qualifications every year and this has helped improve and add to my transferable skills and understand policies of the workplace and different elements on the workplace further. I feel positive about completing qualifications as I can always rely on Andrea for the support and guidance throughout. It is useful that Andrea visits every 2 weeks to check that you are on track and if you need help with anything. I benefit from this as if there is anything I am struggling to understand I know that she will always have the time to go through it with me. I really struggled with maths and was actually really scared of it. Andrea organised a maths tutor to come into my workplace once a week and helped me through understanding the basics of maths again! I benefited from this so much as it gave me such a boost of confidence and made me realise that I can actually do it. The qualifications that I have gained through Springboard have helped me progress to where I am now and made me more courageous to attempt new things! I am confident that Springboard will enable me to add to my current abilities assisting me to progress further. THANK YOU SPRINGBOARD!!!”

Hannah Milne – Administrative Assistant, Springboard

“Becoming a Business Administration Apprentice with Springboard has definitely helped me improve my knowledge and confidence significantly with the great support from staff members. An Apprenticeship is an excellent way of gaining a qualification and experience while earning money. Upon completion of my apprenticeship, I was offered a full time administrative position within Springboard.”

Elliot Hahn – Graphic Design Apprentice, Springboard

“Springboard offers exciting opportunities for those who want to gain practical experience. The Apprenticeship programmes they offer enhance your knowledge and practical sills for prolonged careers within your chosen sector.”

Shahran Miah – Graphic Design Apprentice, Springboard

“Working at Springboard has helped me a lot in improving my skills and knowledge. Working for real clients and using high quality equipment has really helped me gain great experience.”

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