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Springboard work with individuals and groups to prepare them for the world of work. Support can include personal development, interview skills and techniques, life skills, effective communication skills, improving self confidence, CV building and application support. 

Our employability qualifications usually last for one full week and cover various sectors of employment, the majority with a guaranteed job interview at the end of the course. 

Employability Skills qualifications are designed to support an individual successfully gaining a job, progressing in a chosen field, preparing the individual for further study and supporting the development of techniques required for successful independent living. 

Our employability qualifications are aimed at anyone who wants to live a more independent life, progress in education and/or their employment prospects; get into a job, develop on the job or move onto the next job, as they progress along the career ladder. 

How to Apply

You can register interest for this course online by clicking here, call 0300 003 7073 or email


Our employability qualifications have been designed in collaboration with a range of experts from various industry sectors and employment and recruitment professionals to ensure the content matched what is needed and valued by today’s employment market. 

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