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Pastoral Care

All Springboard learners have access to Pastoral Care, to offer advice and guidance with various issues. Our Pastoral Care officer can support in induction and throughout programme based on the students support needs, which are completely bespoke to each individual. 

Our Pastoral Care officer offers holistic support to students on all programmes across all locations which includes wellbeing support, personal and social support, behaviour and anger management support and any external referrals as needed and more areas.

Pastoral Support is available for those students starting programme, in pre-employment where they may need to support to engage, liaising with other services or supporting with external professional support. 

Our Pastoral Support officer can also liaise with other professionals, attend appointments with students, offer support in training and engage into training, working with students and families/carers to offer support to all to ensure retention and that students support needs are met whilst on programme at Springboard. 

How to access Pastoral Care:

Please speak to your tutor regarding access to Pastoral Care, or email or call 07834752293

“M was referred to me via her friend who had accessed similar support with me, this was in September 2019, M was seeking support initially for housing as she had been made homeless. I initially met her and we discussed her living arrangements, she had recently been made homeless from mums due to arguments with mum and was enquiring about the possibility of accessing her own property but unsure how to do this. I took the student to Sunderland housing services in October and we were supported to look into her options, it was advised that she stay at home with mum as mum was happy with this short term until M could find her own property. On the 2nd appointment with M she asked about the possibility of applying for universal credits, with M being 18 this was possible but M asked me to ring and speak to mum to ensure she was ‘ok’ with this. Mum was supportive and we completed an online application for this in October. On the 3rd appointment I met M at the local job centre where she had an appointment to see the advisor to start her benefits, they required a letter from springboard to prove she was in training which I took with us. M has been supported whilst at home with food packages and toiletries packs as mum doesn’t work and income is low. M had various property viewings and eventually on the first week after the new year she was given keys to a flat which is located in Sunderland. During this whole period of 5 months, M has maintained attendance, has always attended her salon placement and has been respectful, friendly and mature throughout. She has had her ‘down’ days and has struggled but has always been motivated to attend, I feel that without the support accessed via Pastoral support M would have left at some point in this period, as wouldn’t have known where to go for help/ support. Since moving to the flat, M only had a bed, bedding and a couch. Her sister lives close so I have accessed 3 food packages for her to ensure she is eating and also her sister can help cook these as M has no facilities to do this. Last week (end of January) I met M and her sister to discuss what items were a priority that she needs for her property, M at that point had no cooking facilities no fridge/ freezer, no washing machine, no tv, no flooring or curtains. I assisted her in applying to the Greggs Hardship foundation to access some of the white goods, we have applied for a cooker and fridge/ freezer for now, a family member has given her a make shift type of stove and she washes clothes at her sisters for now. I accessed a microwave, toaster, toasting machine, plates, cutlery and pans to take to M yesterday, she was extremely grateful. She continues to attend and is attending fully, she is in a placement in a salon and is doing really well.”

Case Study: M

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